This Video made my day!

16 Apr
This Video made my day!

I’m a very BIG fan of Twilight books, I read all of the books written by Stephenie Meyer, but, to be frank, I’m not that SATISFIED with the Part 2 of Breaking Dawn. So… as I search my way through, a vast channel full of billions of videos [ I’m sure all of you know… 🙂 ], I found this video, made by the awesome SCREENJUNKIES
that’s their link.
It’s AWE… wait for it, SOME!! AWESOME!

I can’t stop laughing watching this video..
For those Twilight fans, don’t take this video seriously, It’s just a joke…(well, I don’t think they’re joking)

Anyway, They posted Tonnes of “Honest Trailers” for famous movies like The blue tall aliens (Avatar), The next generation of American Idol (Les Miserables), the hero who died because the heroine won’t share place on a piece of wood in the cold Atlantic sea (Titanic) and even the robots who turned against their original creator which is human and also their own beings (Transformes)…

I’m NOT a prejudice in any aspect of the movie, it’s just funny to see and hear what the Screenjunkies have to say.. They’re like Fashion Police, but, movie version. so, Movie Police??

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