20 Apr
Gwiyomi?? No….




 you want to look more cute, as cute as these girls??



I opened Youtube, twitter, facebook and even wordpress they posted about this “Gwiyomi player” (pronounced Kwi-yo-mi) and as always.. I asked my brilliant uncle, uncle Google and he told me a bit about this Gwiyomi.

Jung llhoon.

Jung llhoon.

He said:” It’s actually not a hit song after it was release by Hari, a South

Korean singer, but when one of BtoB (Korean Guy Group whom I can’t care

less about) member, named Jung llhoon decided to do a gesture inspired

by the childly song… IT WAS A HIT!

But really… I have to admit, asians are cute..(I’m also an!) but, a lot of people either white, black, asians, europe, middle east or anyplace in the world are influenced by this cute song..

I also have to admit that the song does have a cute lyrics… Imagine a cute girl~~anime-girl-anime-girl-1920x1080

FORCE her lover to make a PINKY SWEAR

tumblr_m0c9vvwNiX1r4khjjo1_500                                               so that they can Always be together..

FOREVER?? But, he died in the end and Rose found somebody else..didn't she?

FOREVER?? But, he died in the end and Rose found somebody else..didn’t she?

.                                                       ISN’T that cute??? AWWW~~~

Yeah RIGHT!!



 It is so CONTAGIOUS that almost everyone doing the same   thing…trust me,       .                                                 EVERYBODY..


one of my neighbours…


My other neighbours’ father


My girlfriend’s brother..


Is that my Uncles??


Bored and have nothing to do guy…


My neighbours’ MOTHER??


My nephew??


Ugly girl who thinks she’s SUPER HOT and CUTE

One of my bored neighbors,......

One of my bored neighbors,……

One of the girls from Cosplay..

One of the girls from Cosplay..



   SO, you got the picture right??

What, Sorry mate..No..

It's the end already...

It’s the end of this post already…?

Do you want to see the cutest Gwiyomi ever made?? Examine each of the following and vote for the most disturbing and annoying in your opinion!

By the way, vote on the poll for one slap on the person who did those Gwiyomi dance, comment on the video for an Awesome slaps like THESE to them!


# Don’t misjudge for hating Gwiyomi, it’s really adorable~~

Gwiyomi?? No….


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5 responses to “Gwiyomi?? No….

  1. siti aisyah

    April 22, 2013 at 12:41 am

    Assalamualaikum …nice explaination of gwiyomi..

    • Daniel Azwan

      April 22, 2013 at 1:10 am

      waalaikumusslm… thanks.. hope you enjoyed it..

      • siti aisyah

        April 22, 2013 at 12:04 pm

        i surely enjoying it~ and..i surely understand why you surely hate gwiyomi

      • Daniel Azwan

        April 22, 2013 at 12:53 pm

        I don’t Exactly HATE gwiyomi, don’t get the wrong idea.. I don’t wanna do it, but, I really think it sort of cute… JUSTA LIKE ME!! haha


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