The Troller Gang :3

21 Oct
The Troller Gang :3



Assalamualaikum and Hello world…


How ya guys doin‘? It’s been ages since I last ever written an entry for my blog, so I’m maybe a little rusty in this.. diary thing, I mean BLOG.


So, as my semester has ended, I have a long break, and I decided to make some new friends in Facebook.


Yeah I’m quite lazy to get up and read some books, but at least I get to read some stupid posts or commenting on cute picture of a cat


My To-Do-List this break.


So as I was saying,


I decided to make some new friends.


I, somehow met the most annoying, funny and pain in the a#$ word user in Facebook. And guess what, all of them are foreigners! Well, kinda I guess.


The Troller gang is a Facebook group, that I joined to make my day. I would watch them while the post some of the most funniest pictures and statuses and we’ll just troll each other.


By those who’s lazy enough to ask Uncle Google what trolling is, I’ll make your life easier.


Trolling is *In our own terms* Insult each other… well, we do it still under boundaries and respect -_-


BUT! if you are super-duper brainiac and nerdy to even search the word ‘Troll” you’ll find that it actually means


Internet ‘trolling’ is the anti-social act of causing of interpersonal conflict and shock-value controversy online.


       Yeah, but we do not do such foolish things. We do worse.



So my Troller fellas so far I met some from Lebanon, India, Nigeria and so on.. *I can’t remember all of them, gosh..


I’m not a big fan of insulting people for real, but I do like insult people for fun and jokes. Well, that’s a very nice confession


I’m really, really, really afraid if some of them take my words personally or if I’d take their words personally. And MY BIGGEST FEAR OF ALL TIME.. I don’t want to include any religious or racial debate going on in the group. If I ever made such a mistake,


I’m saying this right now, I’m very sorry, if I do please forgive me.. ^_^




and If you do, apologize!….




Last and least, I can’t say how long I can Troll with you guys, my life’s quite busy, but I guess I’ll have a slight time every now and then to troll some one or two fagg**s in the group.


If you guys want to join the group, let me know. Only the strongest at heart and mental are able to join and survive in this group. Spread the words!


#Remember, joining the group your mind will be….


Screen Captures


*WARNING: Vulgar words are everywhere.


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