Why I don’t watch local films..

17 Nov


Hello blog-reading people…

As the title claims, yes, I’m not exactly the BIGGEST FAN of local television shows. I do watch SOME and rarely though, but this is not because I’m not supporting the local film industries (yeah this includes films),it’s just I don’t really like the movie in general, the story line, the boring-script-reading act


ors/actress, the clichés…


yeah basically everything.



And some hateful comments appear ;
“You are a DISGRACE! How dare you say such things?!”

Well, ain’t that the truth? Come on, don’t tell me that I’m the only one here with this in my head. I don’t really get it with Malaysian people, especially the Muslim people. The actors/actresses are mainly Muslims. Majoritily. And in the movies they act, well, that is not what reflected upon them. With the exposed “Aurat” or the part that supposedly covered like the hair, etc.. (For female)


And don’t get me started on the violated boundaries between men and women. They are frickin’ tonnes of it. Yeah, this may sound like “That’s fricking NORMAL”
But here, SOME people just didn’t like it. I mean, this is an Islamic country (Well, based on what I learnt at school). Don’t tell me about being “extremist” or “super-duper religious” bullshit. This is just how things run here. It’s NOT supposed to be like this here. And most of the shows,,, arghh!! Just pointless. Literally pointless. Nothing really to learn.


Don’t get me wrong. I do watch some of the local shows too. Shows like Tanah Kubur, Manjalara. Kisah Benar and a lot more years, they are my favorite. Funny, Informative, just simply great. The actors/actresses not all of them are weaklings. -_- (Is that even a word?) But the new, untrained, boring, script-reading horse poop.







Yeah, I’m not  the Grammy-winning actor or anything to judge, but seriously… people do know that you can act or can’t.




Now is the best part. I like international shows. I like comedy, Sitcoms! (I love them the most), well anything that consist of not-script-reading horse poops and great script.
Yes, they are not really being very discreet about SEX and adult stuff.. But that is how things work there. Not in my country (well, not suppose to)


I really like SITCOMS. Because I like laughing. 😀


how i met your mother




The nanny


From That’s So Raven, ICarly, How I Met Your Mother, The Nanny, Friends, True Jackson VP, Wizards of The Waverly Place well, maybe almost all sitcoms within this era I guess.


I love watching Kyle XY as well! (Gosh, when’s the next season?!)


I like the Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Merlin and a lot more. It probably would take days for me to list them all. LOL


What I like from watching them is well, it’s probably the best way for me to improve my English since My English suck like hell. And I totally get the jokes, the story and yeah I just love their acts.


Movies? Don’t ask me all the locals, I really don’t watch any of them.


Kyle xy

One of my all time favourite


But Favorite Movies of all time for me probably would say “The Monster-In-Law, “The Hot Fuzz”,The Benchwarmers”, “Twilight” (I read the novels, so yeah), “Hunger Games” and a lot more………. -__-


And I’m learning Chinese nowadays, so I started to watch Chinese movies as well..


The bottom line is, it’s not like I hate local films or that I don’t like the local artists, but I think we really need to improvise, but don’t forget to remain authentic!


One thing I hate about “international films” are.. Believe it or not, they can influence badly on us. Really. And once again, don’t give that “Oh, it’s really up with the person themselves, sweetheart” dogshit because it is true. Think what it is.


Sorry for the rude/harsh words  and my suckish English :p




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2 responses to “Why I don’t watch local films..

  1. Tsuji Ryuu

    November 17, 2013 at 10:59 am

    hahahaha…. dude, I’ve heard that “Manjalara” drama before… hahaha… you watched it too?? 😛

    • Daniel Azwan

      November 17, 2013 at 11:41 am

      yeah.. one of my all time favourite. hahha


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