Memoir of a very Special Friend

18 Nov
Memoir of a very Special Friend

Assalamualaikum and Hye awesome-blog readers…

Yes, I said it. My blog is Awesome To those who’s new in this awesome blog, welcome and to those who enjoyed the awesomeness a lot of times before, well good for you.

Siti Suraya Sani

Siti Suraya Sani

I have a very very special friend. A girl friend. Whoops! Hold your dirty thoughts everybody, I said I have a special friend. And yes, she’s a girl. We’re not some lovers. Yet. Hahaha, yeah, I know you’re either smiling and laughing like Shrek or you might get disgusted by this Siti Suraya Sani…                                                           But yes. She is a good, old friend of mine and  we have been friends for five years!

P.S : Since my English suck like hell, I don’t really know what the title claims. It sounded like I’m writing for a dead person.  -_-

How we met? Simple. I asked her what is the word “Jasa” in English. Jasa is “Good deeds” in Malay. This part you maybe not know Sur, but I asked you the word is because of an anime I love. It’s Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

Hell Girl

Hell Girl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To anime-lovers, do you remember the part where Enma (The Hell Girl) will take revenge for the people who requested for it and she always says that one line before she bring the person to hell?

Yeah, I don’t know how, but I somehow think there is “Good deed” word in her line (where there actually isn’t.)  but that is how we met. I asked her the word, she somehow gracefully look up the word in a dictionary which made me feel like an idiot because “ why in the world I didn’t look it up in the first place?” Oh wait, I did. I just wasn’t fully satisfied with it.

Since then we’re friends. And it is more “strengthened” when I joined the debate team.

I remembered the time when I was very down or when she was very down, the whole team just really back us up. Funny story is that, I have literally taken her place during my first year as a debater. -_-

Left : Suraya Right : Nadiah

Left : Suraya Right : Nadiah

   She’s way experienced than I am and 
 yet I’ve taken her place. The words that
         I always say since then 
        is “Sur, kau ndak marah ka?”

I also remember the time when we argue (in debate) like crazy. It finally stopped when both of us realize how intense the situation is. And I will always be the guys who make everyone laugh and she will always be the “Big Sister” in the team since I’m the childish one . :3

*This one here is in malay because I think it’s very special*

So, aku sangat dan teramat respect la kawan aq sorang nie, sebab dia jugak sangat kuat untuk mengambil tanggungjawab sebagai pemidato sekolah. Yes, bukan senang tu. Bahas ok lah.. ada kawan2. Sorang2 nie, kita rasa alone and trpaksa menjadi kuat sendiri.

Beberapa hari lepas kitorang ada jumpa lagi ngan semua geng bahas yang lain(kecuali Hanif -_-).

Wah rindu gilakk!!

Satu ayat aq akan sentiasa ingat dia cakap ;

“ndak sangka nie kita. 5 tahun masih jugak bersama…”

Nadiah, Suraya, me

Nadiah, Suraya, me

Mohd Youssry Ruslan

Mohd Youssry Ruslan


Thank you for being my friend and thank you 
for all of the memories. 
Thank you for being cool and 
understanding with all I’ve been through.

Sekarang semua dah besar, semua dah matang *_* walaupun kematangan aq masih dikalahkan oleh budak umur 5 tahun, ya, but still, at least ada la improvement diri aku niehhh..

Maybe suatu hari nanti lagi jumpa, time tu Sur kau ada anak 10 orang suda, aku masih lagi awet muda kan.. hahaha time tu aq temberang la sikit sama kau sementara aku tunggu gadis istimewa di “rest n go” hahaha

Woi Siti Suraya Sani!! Aku tau kau suka ni post kannn.. aku tulis bahasa melayu suda ni bussss ahhaa

Cikgu kami jugakla mantap.. hahha

Cikgu kami jugakla mantap.. hahha

Madzuan, Me, Nian, Nadiah Suraya

Madzuan, Me, Nian, Nadiah Suraya

Yes.. as you can see.. I'm the awesome-est..

Yes.. as you can see.. I’m the awesome-est..

Famili Bahas yang paling hebat!

Famili Bahas yang paling hebat!

Time di rumah orang kaya boss

Time di rumah orang kaya boss


She wrote how Awesome I am too..Daniel Azwan is Awesomest <<check out her blog!


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4 responses to “Memoir of a very Special Friend

  1. Nurfatin Nadia

    November 18, 2013 at 10:39 am

    in d conclusion, dua2 comel. haha.. u’ve said about her once when u introduced urself to our classmates ^^..

  2. suraya

    November 18, 2013 at 11:04 am

    mohd daniel azwan!!! awww soooo jewittt.. hahahaha.. thank you.. senyum lebar akuu.. hahaha..


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