Why The Eff I like Vulgar words now??

28 Dec
Why The Eff I like Vulgar words now??

Hell-o you Awesome yet Exclusive Vulgar Blog readers!!

Yes, as the title claims.. Currently I use a lot of curse words.. EVERYTHING that’s vulgar!

Yeah, that’s not the greatest Good news, it’s actually very very bad news. A shockingly fucked up twist in my life. Oops.. there’s the first one. *Sorry

Yeah… so I think I’ve always wanted to say the effinf words, but , you know the people that surround me..

Just say one curse word, probably you’ll be the center of attention as if you own a Unicorn -_- * I wish I have one, though


Well.. the first damn reason is maybe because I’m too stressed out by my best friend called life!

Yep. This effing damn life. Everything right now seemed like not right. My relationships, grades, phone, EVERY effing thing!

I know I sound like an effing brat who’s mad about his imperfect life, but still, I’m too stressed out.

“My grades stink more than skunks. How can I be a doctor?” Fuck that. I don’t wanna be a doctor. Not now.

I also think that maybe it’s because I watched too many stand-up comedies. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stand-ups. But probably because their choice of words which I can say, not so conservative. But it’s funny. I guess that’s the point. I think it’s funny and I used them to say funny things. for instance…

“Whatever Biatch..”

“What an Effing gayboy!!”

^^ If said in the perfect situation and combined with my obnoxious eye contact, it would be seriously funny.

And probably I was and still searching what I want to do with my life, figuring out who I am and just want to decide who the Eff I wanna be when I grow up.

This obnoxious and unforgivable behavior are certainly can’t be excused, but when something triggers it, like when a bitchy guy bitching to me and try to make a fight or shitting about his shitty life, well, get ready to succumb with my bazooka of vulgar words.

My friends *I think* thought that I’m this innocent and the kind of guy who don’t speak with such language. Well, tadaaa guys! I do.

Shocked right?? Me too…

I don’t actually used to it. As a matter of fact. I kind of getting rid of it now. It doesn’t fit with my personality which is kind of bubbly and cute.. hahaha

Well.. in my next post I’ll let you know how deep the pits in my heart. I know no one will be waiting,.. but it’s fun to just write the damn statement.

What do you guys think of Vulgar words?? Lemme know!!


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2 responses to “Why The Eff I like Vulgar words now??

  1. Nurfatin Nadia

    December 28, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    hahaha. ok. that’s a long explanation. u’ve got the point there. yet, I’m still hoping that i’ll never hear u curse people in a super bad and mad mood. other than that, u can freely use those ur ‘fav’ words. u’ll be surprise to know how fast my mind interpretes vulgar jokes :3 despite my strict look. and surprisingly, I always find them funny. hahahaha. i’m looking forward for ur new entry. chaiyok2 danny 🙂


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