Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket


Fruit Basket owns a special place in my heart, because it’s the first anime that ever made me cried.. Yeah, I know, some of you might think that, I’m stupid for crying over an anime… But, the story.. It just.. touches me..

Yuki, Tohru and Kyou

One of the saddest scenes in the story

What’s really the story is all about? 

lIt’s revolves about a girl named Tohru Honda, whose mother just passed away about one year ago, and she lived with her grandfather afterwards. However, her grandfather’s house was about to get renovated and he asked her to live with her friends, either Arisa Uotani or Saki Hanajima, but Tohru was realizing that she wouldn’t want to trouble her friends so she has been sleeping in a tent for four months in an abandoned forest.

Tohru's Tent

Her Tent

For a girl who just suffered a lot for one year, and bravely and strongly fighting and thinking about others ahead of her, Tohru really amazed me.. I know, it’s just an anime character, but still, her story touched me… So after four months living in her tent and working night shifts as a janitor in a big building to pay for her daily needs, one of her classmates, Yuki Sohma and his relative named Shigure Sohma found her in her tent after working the late night shift. They met her before when she saw a beautiful decorated stones in front of the Sohma’s house.

Shigure Sohma

Yuki and Kyou

The always fighting Yuki and Kyou

 A lot of the sad story of the Sohma family as the family have a dark-secret. A curse that haunted the family which turns them into one of the zodiac animals, whenever they were hugged by an opposite sex who’s not related to them..

I’m not intending to write a lot of sad stories of the series, (maybe someday) but one of the most touching stories of the series is the tale of Moumiji, the cute-rabbit-boy (the one Tohru hugged when she burst out of tears at the beginning)


They turned normal several minutes after that, except that, they’re naked by then.











When people cursed by the Zodiac are born, they are born two months prematurely. When Momiji was born two months early, his mother was very worried, and as soon as she held him, he turned into a rabbit. She was so confused and was frightened by the transformation. She tried to love and care for Momiji, but it was too much for her to handle. Sometimes she would snap, and hit or scream at him. Soon, Momiji’s father convinced Hatori to erase his wife’s memories and ultimately forget Momiji, her only son.

Kyou always bully Momiji

After, Momiji’s mother just thought he was someone else’s son from the Sohma family (she asks Momiji if he should be going home soon in his father’s office building and was concerned about his mother worrying about him). Momiji practices the violin, but was pulled out of class by his father when the latter found out that Momo would be attending classes taught by the same teacher. Momo is curious about Momiji, once remarking to her mother that she looks just like him. Her mother brushed it off, but Momo remains suspicious of Momiji. Momiji is often seen as cheerful but when it comes to his mother, he is often mature and calm and often quite sad, knowing that he cannot call her by who she is to him, his mom.

tumblr_m9u95yupi71rpz5muo1_500 tumblr_mc4wishTrh1rcq1opo1_500

He cares a lot for Tohru, and is quite taken by her, such as when he hugged her before being formally introduced and promptly created a large ruckus at the Onigiri festival. Momiji often teases Kyo that if he doesn’t get to Tohru soon, he will take her for himself, causing Kyo to get very mad and hit him or call him a name.

“.. A lot of emotions in the series; sad, happy, and funny, which made it one of the special anime for me..”

# you should really watch it. The first season ended, but the second season was never released, which made the viewers really mad, because the series is really fun to watch… I watched it first time when I was 10, but I never watched the full story. After I finished high school and the  ended my national service program, I watched it until the end…

Tohru Honda (full figure at center right) with...

Tohru Honda (full figure at center right) with the members of the Sohma family affected by the zodiac curse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tohru Honda (full figure at center right) with the members of the Sohma family affected by the zodiac curse.

Fruits_basket__Ayame_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds Fruits_basket__Hatori_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds Fruits_basket__Hatsuharu_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds Fruits_basket__Hiro_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds Fruits_basket__Kyo_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds Fruits_basket__Momiji_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds Fruits_basket__Shigure_2_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds Fruits_basket__Yuki_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds Fruits_basket_Kisa_WP_by_Achika_Sheilds




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